Often, I feel a longing for a sense of closeness with the universe. While I wander through this world of ours, I find myself lost in my own visions, taking intimate moments and painting them into romanticized dreamscapes. I use my lens to capture the love I feel, and then translate that essence into something tangible that I can share with you.

Harper Zee is a dream weaver, wanderer, and lovestruck photographer. Her background in fine art and painting inspires her passion for the traditional film process and heavily stylized work.



Fashion Institute of Technology - Fine Art Painting

Academy of Art University - BFA Photography - 2019


2019 - Neomodern Gallery "Staff Show" San Francisco, CA.

2019 - October Online Exhibition "Speed" Analog Forever Magazine.

2019 - Pennsylvania Center for Photography "Transformations" Doylestown, PA.

2019 - Atelier Gallery "Spring Show Extension" San Francisco, CA.

2019 - "Academy of Art University Spring Show" San Francisco, CA.


Nestor Aquino. The Middle of PerspectiveDecember 2019.

Art Ascent. October 2019 Water Issue. Pg 72.

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